HYPE Runoff Explorer

So far, HYPE has been set up in multiple basins worldwide. Find out more here.

HYPE Runoff Explorer

How is runoff generated from precipitation? HYPE Runoff Explorer is a tool which uses a conceptual hydrological model (HYPE) to visualize the dynamics of runoff generation. The model subdivides watersheds into classes (or hydrological response units), based on land use, soil type and elevation. The water balance for each class is calculated individually.

HYPE Runoff Explorer visualizes the water balance for one such class, an agricultural area in the southern part of Sweden, to illustrate how runoff is generated during different weather conditions. A period containing a relatively wet year (1995) and a relatively dry year (1996) has been chosen to illustrate how conditions change from year to year.

HYPE Runoff Explorer is interactive and users can explore how soil type and drainage pipes influence runoff generation processes. The purpose of HYPE Runoff Explorer is to promote hydrological understanding among professionals, students and the general public.

HYPE is an Open Source hydrological model set up in a number of areas throughout the world (see figure). Find out more about the model here.

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